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Marcin Bieńkowski is an excellent young researcher; his technical skills and his great taste for interesting research topics is outstanding for such a young researcher. As a member of the International Graduate School ``Dynamic Intelligent Systems'' at the University of Paderborn he finished his PhD after three years, supervised by me. In his thesis, he has managed to establish a new branch of distributed algorithms: He has developed a clean, realistic model for data management on mobile networks, and has opened a new branch of online problems by introducing the notion of adversarial network motion. Based on this modeling he has contributed deep theoretical results yielding upper and lower bounds on the competitive ratio of online data management strategies under a variety of variants of the basic model, applying very original creative insight into the problem and a very impressive capability to apply deep methods from combinatorics and probability theory. His work brought him international reputation and was published on highly competitive, leading international conferences like, e.g., ESA, SPAA, STACS and MFCS.

Prof. Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide
University of Paderborn